We offer the expertise to help you design, build, remodel, or renovate your basement into something you’ll be proud of

We bring a strong work ethic to each and every one of our basement finishing projects and utilize the latest innovation and technological advances. We pay close attention to details and make a concerted effort to understand the desired result.

We assist in establishing feasibility of a project with respect to the existing structure and budget. We’ll provide design consultation. Upon the full understanding of goals, budget, design objectives and existing conditions, we’ll facilitate the solutions to meet your needs.

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Excellent quality & flawless reputation usually doesn’t come from “the lowest bidder”

Every company has their own philosophy regarding how they conduct business and satisfy the customer’s needs. Some companies offer a great price, but because of their low pricing structure, simply cannot fund the resources, assets, nor pay the craftsmen to service the customer’s needs. You will also discover that many of these companies do not make good on their promises.

At Atlanta Basement Creations, you will discover that we operate our business on a solid financial foundation. We respect our competitors, however it is imperative that you become aware of the facts surrounding your construction project.

• You receive a low price estimate

• It appears that you’re getting a great job for a low price

• The contractor makes promises of what they will do for that low price

However, because they are operating on such a tight profit margin, they have little or no money to invest in the personnel, equipment and materials required to execute their promises and that’s where the problems begin. To make matters worse, the company may be experiencing desperate financial challenges.

Therefore, if a mistake is made, or when there is a need for follow-up work, or a warranty request, you will discover that quite often the contractor with the low price, will not, or in some cases, cannot fulfill their promises. They simply do not have the funds to perform.

You may have gotten the low price, but you also acquired the headaches to go with it. With Atlanta Basement Creations, there is a silver lining at the end of the rainbow. We will offer you a price that is fair, honest & consistent with a value that is often times greater than the amount of money that you spend on the repair or renovation. That’s our promise to you!

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With Atlanta Basement Creations, you can expect:

  • Quality & value from a locally-owned & operated company
  • Open communications with Project Manager
  • Attention to detail
  • Trained service professionals that you can trust in your home
  • People who will treat your home with the respect it deserves
  • A written estimate before any work begins
  • A finished product that you & your family will enjoy for years to come